From the Prom to the Presidency.

By Shakyra Kokobissi.

It was April 12th at Laketon High School. A month from now was the school’s prom. There were two boys that wanted to take the same girl. Her name was McKenna. The two boys are named Jackson and Henry. They are best friends. They never told each other who they were going to ask. But they told each other that they were going to ask them later.

It is one week until Prom. Jackson asked McKenna if she can go to the Prom, she said yes. One hour later, Henry asked McKenna. She said sorry I’m going with someone else. Henry asked: who are you going with? McKenna responded: I am going with Jackson. It was the end of the school day. Henry was thinking of a way to get revenge on Jackson.

It was Prom day. Jackson picked up McKenna and Henry thought of a way to get revenge. Henry said to himself “ok let’s go over the plan, when they do the slow dance, I will talk to Jackson, and then start a fight.” Everyone was at the Prom; they had delicious food, and great music. They took pictures it was so much fun!

The DJ said “In five minutes we will do the slow dance.” Henry got ready for the plan. The slow dance started and Henry walked up to Jackson and asked “can I talk to you? “ Jackson said “sure, wait right here, McKenna.” Henry pushed Jackson. Jackson said “dude” what’s your problem? “You took the girl I wanted to take.” Jackson said “sorry I didn’t know”. Henry mimicked “sorry I didn’t know, eh”. Stop it right now! McKenna said. I will pick who I want.

The next two weeks Henry tried to impress McKenna. Jackson thought he didn’t need to impress her.

Couple months later, McKenna called Jackson and Henry to go to Sellers Park.

Hey Guys, I picked ……………………………………………..Jackson!!!!!!

16 years later Jackson and Henry both decided to run in the president election. This time they did tell each other they were going to run. McKenna helped Jackson make buttons and signs VOTE FOR JACKSON.

Henry got married to a woman named Gloria. Gloria helped Henry make shirts, buttons, and flags. Their first debate started Henry fought but Jackson won.

Two months from now, everyone would vote for president. Jackson make a song, and Henry made motto.Henry started his first campaign. It was in Atlanta Georgia.

Jackson stared his first campaign in Detroit Michigan. It was fantastic. The crowd cheered him on.

They did the second debate in Baltimore, Maryland. Jackson fought hard but Henry won.

Jackson did another campaign, in Dallas, Texas. He thought another campaign would help him. Jackson talked about helping communities making cleaning groups and bringing more jobs. It was the day, the day to vote. Jackson and Henry wished each other good luck. In the afternoon we found out the results. Jackson had 43,758 votes but Henry 47,298 votes. Henry won. Gloria said “I’m going to be the first lady.” McKenna said “it’s Okay”.

It is May 15th, the first day of the new president, Henry Boldman.

One week later, the FBI found out that Henry campaign cheated 5,897 votes.

The next day, Jackson and Henry both found out that their wife had a baby. Both of the babies were a girl. Gloria named her Angela, and McKenna named her Rachel.

Henry has to go to court for three days. Rachel and Angela had a play date. They became best friends. Gloria and McKenna both decided they could live together.

The next day of court, Henry got mad and yelled. The judge sends him away. Jackson, McKenna, Henry, Gloria, Rachel and Angela enjoyed moving in. They decided Henry, Gloria and Angela would move in.

It was the first day of pre-school. Rachel and Angela were terrified to go to pre-school. It was the end of school day they thought their teacher was nice. Angela and Rachel are in the same class.

The last day of court the judge decided that Jackson would be the President instead. Jackson said “I don’t want to be president let Henry be President. They had a celebration. It was so much fun!!!!

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